From CEO

The world’s energy needs is mainly from oil and gas. The oil cisis encourage people to look for alternative energy sources, among others, is coal.

ALDEOZ Group is a companies group which have main business in coal mining. We committed to fulfill the coal demand for local and overseas project, own by government and private sector.

Starting the coal production in one of its subdiaries PT. Dianrana Petrojasa held in mid-2010, ALDEOZ Group expands its business. By the end of 2012 coal can be produced in PT. Tri Mandiri Perkasa coal consession. This achievement is coming from the good cooperation, spirit of a solid team and high integrity.

Step by step development in order to increase production and sales is performed by ALDEOZ Group with careeful calculations and strategies, starting from mine planning, production, stockpile management, transportation, ports, and marketing.

Our concern for the environment and the community peoples become point values of ALDEOZ Group to succeed in carrying out the vision and mission.

With the resources that are owned and supported by competent human resources, as well as good relationship with outside parties. We believe that we can grow into a credible, consistent, and trusted Companies Group as fulfillment partner of coal supply in the future.

Diliana Ermaningtias
CEO Aldeoz Group