Company Overview

Aldeoz Group is a Group of Companies engaged in various business fields , one of them is coal mining .

Aldeoz Group Mining Division consist of several subsidiary companies engaged in coal mining , coal transportation , and coal port.

Aldeoz Group Mining Division has 5 coal consessions at Lahat Regency, South Sumatera Province, with total coal resources estimate of 55 million tons.

Starting production in mid year 2010 at PT. DRP 2 coal consession, now we expand our business at PT. TMP coal consession. By the end of 2014 we plan to open all of our coal consession, including PT. CBR and PT. KKA.

We also have transport license and mining sales that integrated to coal logistic into jetty.

At the time Aldeoz Group Mining Division is conducting a coal mining operations and it supporting business, which is a long term investment projects, including exploitation, processing, transporting (hauling & port services) as well as coal marketing.